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Hygetropin, There are two specifications. There 100iu and 200 IU.

Hygetropin is human growth hormone manufactured by Hygene Biopharm, China using recombinant DNA technology in E. coli. It comes in 8IU sterile HGH vials in a form of lyophilised powder. Hygetropin is intended for subcutaneous administration after reconstitution with Bacteriostatic Water for Injection.
Hygetropin Is indicated in:
Growth Hormone Deficiency, in children treated for growth failure due to the lack of natural GH
Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency, where GH deficiency is due to a medical condition or aging
As an anti-aging drug, to improve metabolism, fat-free mass, mood, skin, sleep and general well-being
Growth failure associated with chronic renal insufficiency up to the time of renal transplantation
Turner syndrome
Patients with surgery, trauma, burns or organ failure
To treat congestive heart failure and osteoporosis
To reduce body fat and/or cellulite
To improve skin texture and appearance (decreased wrinkles)
To gain lean muscle mass

Hygetropin is contraindicated:
In patients with brain tumours
In children with closed epiphyses
Diabetic patients who are taking insulin must have their blood sugar monitored closely at all times

Administration and dosage
Dose should be always determined by a doctor. Depending on the treatment dosage og Hygetropin varies.
General dosages:
Growth hormone deficiency in children: daily dose of 0.07-0.1 IU body weight is recommended
Turner’s syndrome: daily dose of 0.14 IU body weight is recommended.
Chronic renal insufficiency: daily dose of 0.14 IU body weight
Adult GHD: an initial daily dose of 0.0178 IU body weight for approximately 4weeks is recommended that may be tailored later on, according to the side effects and/or serum levels of IGF-I
To treat serious burns or multiple injuries: an initial daily dose of 8IU is generally recommended; once blood sugar is stabilised, 16IU/day is used. Usually starting 6 days after the injury and lasting for approximately 15-20 days
If overdose is suspected, seek medical help immediately. Symptoms include headache, nausea, vomiting and bloating or swelling of ankles, feet, or hands.

Instructions for use and Storage
Hygetropin vials are air-vacuumed to preserve the powder thus all air should be let out of the vial right before use, and reconstituted with sterile bacteriostatic water for injection: dissolve gently, do not shake the bottle. Inject subcutaneously, preferable areas are stomach or upper thighs.
Storage: keep refrigerated at 2 – 8°C, do not freeze.
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